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Anchored by The Daily Wade Keller Hotline (which features breaking news analysis, mailbag, and TV shows reviews), VIP membership includes dozens of new podcasts every week that are only available to VIP members. Details follow:


  • Wade hosts The Fix with Todd Martin (mid-week) and Post-PPV Roundtable Podcasts (Sunday nights after WWE PPVs).

  • Wade is one of a rotation of hosts for the Bruce Mitchell Audio Show, a weekly look at current events and wrestling history.

  • Starting in the spring of 2020, PWTorch columnist Zack Heydorn began his stint as the regular host of the Bruce Mitchell Mailbag Podcast which usually drops every Thursday.

  • Sean Radican "Worldwide" covering the latest news from around the globe with an array of cohosts with various specialties including Rich Fann Brian Leahy, Zack Heydorn, Bruce Mitchell, Dan Kiester, and others.

  • Alan Counihan's weekly "Pro Wres Paradise" which cover the Japan, Europe, and Indy scenes, 

  • "The British Wrestling Report" with Will Cooling with the passionate, knowledgeable, and comprehensive look at the European wrestling scene anywhere.

  • "On the Canvas" with Zack Heydorn with a detailed examination of a single match or segment,

  • "NXT 8 Years Back" hosted by Kelly Wells & Tom Stoup reviewing NXT from the beginning of its current format starting with the June 2012 episodes.

  • "New Japan Pride Podcast w/Bethany & Javier" features a weekly conversation between two New Japan fanatics, looking at the latest news, biggest matches, upcoming line-ups, and history.

  • "NJPW Flashbacks" hosted by Sean Radican with an array of cohosts including Rich Fann, Chris Samsa, Brian Leahy, and Zack Heydorn reviewing past standout New Japan events with today's perspective added.

  • "The Podcast of Honor" with Ryan Sullivan & Tyler Sage featuring analysis of the latest ROH news and big events, a review of the latest TV show, and exclusive interviews with ROH wrestlers, referees, announcers, and executives.

  • "Ten Pounds of Gold" covering the NWA Power weekly TV show hosted by Kelly Wells and J.R. Harris.

  • A new Wade Keller-hosted Retro Radio Show every Thursday from the 1990s

  • Special Torch Talk podcasts such as the comprehensive and newsbreaking Tony Khan and Jon Moxley interviews in 2019.

  • There are also VIP Aftershows following some Wade Keller Podasts and PWTorch Livecasts.

Our VIP podcasts are compatible with popular podcast apps on iPhone and Android, and we have a step-by-step guide to get you authenticated with our VIP RSS feed. We offer custom feeds for each podcast, collections of podcasts, and by theme (such as current events and nostalgia). You can preview the main VIP RSS feed (, but you won't be able to download or stream the podcasts without an activated VIP password. As a member, you can also stream our VIP podcasts right from our ad-free VIP website (mobile & desktop).

You'll never refresh our feed without something new featuring familiar and trusted hosts and cohosts covering a topic you love with that just right mix of enthusiasm, knowledge, and a dose of irreverence and humor too!





The four weekly Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcasts & Post-Shows and all seven weekly PWTorch Livecasts are offered without ads & plugs exclusively for VIP members on our VIP podcast feed and VIP website. On our VIP website and VIP podcast feeds, you can download VIP-exclusive versions of the Wade Keller Podcasts and Livecasts with ads & plugs edited off for a streamlined listening experience. 



Every week a new edition of the Pro Wrestling Torch Weekly Newsletter is published which chronicles pro wrestling's top stories, major TV shows, and PPV events, plus includes newsletter-exclusive feature-length editorials by Greg Parks, Alan Counihan, Bruce Mitchell, and Zack Heydorn, Wade Keller's "Page 2 News," Keller's "End Notes" editorials and cover stories, Staff PPV Roundtable reviews and scores, and more. Not only do VIP members have access to PDF and All-Text versions of each week's new newsletter, but they have access to over 1,600 back issues dating back to the late 1980s in our massive VIP Archives. Get lost in our archives reading about your favorite wrestling events, backstage news, long-form interviews, PPV reports with Wade's star ratings, PPV Roundtable Reviews from the staff, and editorials and cover stories on pro wrestling's biggest stories for over three decades.

Interested in home delivery of the paper copy? We offer that too. Check out details & pricing HERE.





PWTorch editor Wade Keller began PWTorch as a weekly paper copy newsletter in 1987 when he was a junior in high school. He has brought together some of pro wrestling's most talented writers and podcast analysts over the last 30+ years.

In 2015, Wade was honored to be inducted into the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame with the Jim Melby Award for Excellence in Writing on Professional Wrestling. He hosted the Pro Wrestling Focus radio show in the early 1990s on KFAN. He hosted the "Ultimate Insiders" DVD series including on-camera interviews with Vince Russo & Ed Ferrera (in their first interview together since their time writing Raw during the boom period and WCW Nitro afterward) and Matt & Jeff Hardy (including Matt talking in-depth about the Edge-Lita-Matt triangle). He became a featured podcast host on the exclusive Podcast One network in 2017 while also appearing regularly as a guest analyst on the Steve Austin Show, The Jim Ross Report, The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Raven's podcast, Ring Rust Radio, and many others.













Bruce Mitchell has been the PWTorch senior columnist since 1990, bringing his unmatched historical knowledge and hard-hitting independent points of view to his weekly Bruce Mitchell Audio Show with cohost Wade Keller, which is the second-longest running weekly podcast of any kind on any subject dating back to 2004. In 2017 they added a weekly Sunday Mailbag podcast to the mix, answering questions on current events and historical figures and happenings. No one can decode the fascinating pro wrestling industry's history better than Bruce.

Todd Martin joined PWTorch in 2015 after many years with the Wrestling Observer and writing about MMA for the L.A. Times and Sherdog website. His weekly VIP-exclusive podcast, "The Fix," hosted by Wade Keller, quickly became a favorite of VIP members. Each week, Todd and Wade discuss the latest events in WWE, New Japan, ROH, UFC, and anything else in the world of pro wrestling and MMA that makes news. Todd provides in-depth reviews of new book releases. (Check out for free the big list of books he's reviewed and "tiers" they are ranked in HERE.). Another popular segment is the weekly Mailbag where Todd answers VIP member questions.

Greg Parks and Sean Radican are two of the longest-tenured staff members in PWTorch history. Greg hosts "Wrestling Night in America" on Sunday nights in the PWTorch Livecast line-up and his weekly full-page columns are an anchor of page 10 of the weekly Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter. Sean brings his knowledge of Japan, ROH, and the Indy scene to his special columns in the newsletter and his many podcasts throughout the month. Alan Counihan joined the team early in 2018 with his Euro-perspective and expertise on the entire Japan scene. Zack Heydorn became a Pro Wrestling Torch columnist in June 2020 after contributing to PWTorch's website and podcasts since mid-2017.

We are also very proud of the PWTorch Livecast team, many of whom often appear in special VIP Roundtables and in the rotations of guest cohosts on the Wade Keller Podcasts, including Travis Bryant, Rich Fann, Cameron Hawkins, Mike McMahon, Andrew Soucek, Robert Vallejos, Rick Monsey, Harley Pageot, Emily Fear, Tom Stoup, Kelly Wells, Nate Lindberg, and more.

The Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter is widely cited as one of the premier sources of documenting wrestling history (including countless references in Wikipedia), plus Wade's "Torch Talk" series pioneered long-form insider Q&A style interviews with pro wrestling's top wrestlers and promoters who opened up about the inner-workings and controversies in the industry for the first time ever. Wade has interviewed some of pro wrestling's biggest historical figures in their longest insider interviews including Steve Austin, The Rock, Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff. Paul Heyman, Mick Foley, Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean "X-Pac" Waltman, Jesse Ventura, Lou Thesz, Jerry Lawler, Vince Russo, Jim Cornette, Bill Watts, Jim Crockett Jr., Verne Gagne, Samoa Joe, A.J. Styles, Jon Moxley, Tony Khan, and hundreds of others.

Pro Wrestling Torch's "brand" is recognized for its independence, not relying on or seeking out acceptance of the powerbrokers of the industry that they cover. Their coverage is unapologetically hard-hitting, but fair. The team never loses sight of their love for pro wrestling and what made them fans in the first place, but they never act as apologists who accept a lackluster product, compromised practices, or hypocrisy. Our members feel part of a special niche group of pro wrestling fans who have outgrown the "fanboy" or "corporate" coverage found elsewhere.



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“The Bruce Mitchell Audio Show is by far my favorite show, tied with Keller’s interviews. You guys are awesome at what you do, so informed on the product, and the Torch is amazing. I can’t say it enough. Honestly.”


"I’ve been a VIP member for a few years now and the content is fantastic. I listen to Torch content on the train to work. PWTorch is the reason I follow wrestling these days. I’m a Torch fan, then a wrestling fan. Thank you to you and everyone on the site.”


"It is so great to hear an intelligent dialogue on wrestling that does not cater to ‘fanboys,’ nor snarkily rip into wrestling for cheap laughs. It treats the topic – and the listener – with respect. Moreover, I am consistently impressed with the neutrality shown."


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